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QUARTO-400 non-reversible mill

QUARTO-400 non-reversible mill

QUARTO-400 – a non-reversible 4-hi rolling mill by SCHMITZ

Cold diffusion cladding line QUARTO-400 – a non-reversible 4-hi rolling mill by SCHMITZ (Germany) intended for production of clad material.It is veryeffective, productive and high-precision equipment.

cladding process

Using cladding mill allows to obtain under certain technical conditions a clad strip, consisting of two or more layers of dissimilar metals.

Process control system is based on SIEMENS PLC and includes control subsystems for roll opening, work rolling pressure and maintaining of the set strip thickness at the exit of the roll stand, based on VOLLMER equipment and software.

Main technical characteristics of the mill:

  • Roll force: max. 5000 kN;
  • Screwdown device: hydraulic cylinders;
  • Back-up rolls: Ø550×400×1976 mm;
  • Work rolls: Ø230×400×1209 mm;
  • Rolling speed: 0 – 25 m/min;
  • Drive power: 350 kW.

A single deformation degree per pass during cladding is about 60%.