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One-sided cleaning lines

One-sided cleaning lines

There are 2 one-sided cleaning lines at our factory supplied by German companies Wesero GmbH and STAKU GmbH; their main purpose is final preparatory processing of the coating strip – one-sided cleaning of thin non-ferrous metal strips with metal roller brushes.

One-sided cleaning line STAKU GmbH

One-sided cleaning line Wesero GmbH

While passing through the line surface of one of strip’s sides becomes rougher, due to this contact area of coating material and base material increases which improve adhesion of layers after cladding.

To obtain a uniform rough surface all roller brushes undergo compulsory pre-balancing. To eliminate overheating of thin strips during the cleaning process a heat removal from strip surface is provided, with the help of water-cooled support drums made of chromium-zirconium bronze.